Community Center


Revised and approved 4/5/2018

The Laverne Chamber of Commerce wishes to address the responsibilities, fees and services of our Community Center.


Meetings– business meetings, trainings resulting in the use of tables, chairs and overhead screen- no food or decorations

Party– any type of party to include funerals in which decorations, food and non-alcoholic beverages are served

Non-profit organization– churches, schools, clubs and organizations (ex: Lions club, church ground hog suppers, pee wee football banquet etc.)




  1. There will be a $250 cleaning deposit required on ALL rentals. See rate info on page 2. The Community Center should be cleaned immediately after your event. Your deposit will be returned following an inspection by a Laverne Chamber of Commerce Representative.
  2. Appropriate rental fees must be paid in advance and scheduling of the use of the building is required at the Laverne Chamber of Commerce office.
  3. Payment of fees as requested.   Due 2 weeks before event.
  4. No smoking in the facility.
  5. No alcoholic beverages.
  6. Arrangements for keys for facility made in advance with the Chamber of Commerce Manager. All keys must be returned the next business day after the event.
  7. No tape on walls or hanging items from the ceiling unless preapproved.
  8. Wash all chairs and tables and leave them up.
  9. Sweep and mop all floors.
  10. Carry out trash and replace liners.
  11. Return Keys

Facility Description:

  • Eastside room: 27’X60’, 1620 sq. ft.
  • Westside room: 27’X40’; 1080 sq.ft. includes kitchen area
  • Total building size 2700 sq. ft.


Total number of tables available:

Total number of chairs available: 98

Large projector screen also available for use.

Laverne Community Center Rate Schedule

Rate is based per room (East or West)


  • Rental Rates
    • General Use:        1 Room- $150   2 Rooms- $275
    • Non-Profit Use:  1 Room- $100   2 Rooms- $175                   


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